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Getting Started & The Basics:

What is TheCaringSpace?
TheCaringSpace was created with the vision of providing a resource to connect compassionate caregivers to families and individuals in need of assistance and health services in their home. TheCaringSpace is an online community designed to meet the needs of Caregivers and Careseekers.
What does it cost to register?
It is free to become a member of TheCaringSpace. The Basic membership allows users access to a database of care positions and caregivers and limited access to other member's information. A Premium membership grants unlimited communication privileges for Careseekers and higher rank in search results for Caregivers.
  • Caregiver registration is always free.
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  • Registration for CareSeekers is also free.
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Before I register as a Careseeker, how do I know that there are Caregivers in my area?
You can perform a free search to see what caregivers are in your area. To see complete profiles including contact information, background checks, and references, you will need to register as a Basic Careseeker. You will need to upgrade to a Premium membership in order to have access to contact information.
Do you screen Caregivers?
We do not screen Caregivers before allowing them to join TheCaringSpace community. Every Caregiver is eligible to join TheCaringSpace unless they violate the Terms of Use which are designed to protect the integrity and safety of TheCaringSpace community.

Every situation is different so rather than our team making the call about whether a Caregiver meets your standards, we leave that decision up to you. We do work hard to provide you with the necessary information and resources to assist you in that decision. In addition, we recommend several essential steps when evaluating caregiver choices.
Do you screen Careseekers?
Every Careseeker is eligible to join TheCaringSpace unless they violate the Terms of Use which are designed to protect the integrity and safety of TheCaringSpace community. We do recommend that caregivers make careful, informed decisions and we try to assist you in that process.
How can I find employment through TheCaringSpace?
If you are a caregiver, you should register and create your free profile. This will allow you to promote your skills to those seeking care. You will be able to search available positions and respond to offered positions. Interested Careseekers will contact you via our internal messaging system or via other contact information that you provide in your profile.
Help! I forgot my password.
If you don't remember your password, you can retrieve it through password recovery as long as you know and still have access to the email you registered with. (You must be logged in to enable the password recovery, or you can contact us.)
How do I communicate and/or get contact info for other members?
You can communicate with members on TheCaringSpace via our internal messaging system. Registered caregivers can send messages of interest to careseekers regarding their positions. Careseekers will need to have a Premium membership to view caregiver's phone numbers (if they have chosen to make this information public) and to contact them using the "Send a Message" button on the caregiver profile.
What is the TheCaringSpace's Messaging System?
TheCaringSpace's Messaging System allows members to communicate with each other via site-based messages (similar to private messages that are a common feature on many web-based forums). Members can send, receive, and respond to messages to and from other members. This system provides a safe method of communication for members by limiting the public availability of your personal information.
I received a Message Alert and responded but never heard back. What happened?
You must log in and reply to a Message Alert through the TheCaringSpace's Messaging System. If instead you "reply" to the Message Alert email, you will be sending an email to the TheCaringSpace, not to the member who sent you the original message. If we see you have done this (we don't always know), we will send you a friendly reminder to log in and try again.
Is my contact information posted publicly?
Your contact information is not publicly available unless you specify that it be public. Caregivers may use their profile editing tool to make their phone numbers public, in which case only Premium Careseekers will be able to see this displayed on Caregiver's profiles. You can also exchange contact information with members through TheCaringSpace's Messaging System.

For Careseekers:

Is there a cost to register with the site?
Registration as a basic member is always free. You can signup, create a careseeker profile, search for caregivers and usee the site's content and community services for free. It's a great deal so you might want tell your friends too!  Additionally, for a limited time, our Premium Memberships (outlined below) are free.  So, register now and take advantage of full access to the site!
What does a Premium Careseeker Membership offer?
Premium membership enables careseekers to complete the hiring process with ease. The benefits include full communication access to caregivers and sharing contact info—the two processes careseekers need most to interview. You can choose a Weekly, Monthly, or Annual membership plan.
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Does my Premium Membership automatically renew?
Yes.  All of our premium memberships auto-renew at the end of your paid period.  You can manage your membership plan from the my account section of the site and either upgrade, extend or cancel your premium membership.
What is the pricing that will take effect after the free offer period?
We have 3 Premium membership plans that you can choose from based on your needs: a Weekly plan, a Monthly plan, and an Annual plan (more details and exact pricing below).
How does the annual plan work?
The annual plan is a one-time fee of $129.99 for the entire year. You are automatically billed the following year. To cancel your automatic renewal, go to my account.
How does the monthly plan work?
The monthly plan is $29.99 per month. You are automatically billed for the following month.  To cancel your membership before it renews, go to my account.
How do I get started once I've registered as a Careseeker?
The first step is to create a position listing about your care needs. Position (or job) listings are the best way to attract the most active and interested caregivers in our community. The first thing most caregivers do when they join TheCaringSpace is check out the position listings in their area. Suggestions for new Careseekers are available from your dashboard under the "News and Tips" section.
How do I communicate with Caregivers?
To communicate with members on TheCaringSpace via our internal messaging system, you will need to have a Premium membership. As a Premium Careseeker, you can also view caregiver phone numbers if they have chosen to make this information public; and you can contact other members by clicking on "Send a Message" from the caregiver profile.


This link will take you to a page where you can compose a message which will be sent to the member via TheCaringSpace's messaging system. You can include your contact information in your message, as well as request that the recipient send his or her contact information to you. Once you send the message, that member will receive an email alert about message and directions for how to respond.
How do I cancel my account?
If you are Careseeker, you can manage your subscription from your "My Account" page. When you are logged in, your "My Account" page is accessible via the link in the top-left corner of any page.

To avoid being charged for the upcoming term (month or year, depending on your plan), you just need to cancel your subscription at least one day prior to your next billing date.
Will I get some of my money back if I purchased Premium membership plan but cancel before the end of the expiration date?
No; all Premium Membership plans are offered to you at a discounted rate, but the fee is non-refundable. If a Premium membership is reverted to Basic before the date of expiration, the user will still benefit from Premium status until the pre-paid period has come to a close.
I have previously been registered as a CareSeeker. Is my account still saved?
Yes; your account can still be retrieved if you didn't request to have it removed from our database. Simply log in with the email address you created the account with and the password you chose. Once you have logged in, you can reactivate or deactivate old positions that were created, or create new positions.
If you don't remember your password, you can retrieve it through password recovery as long as you know and still have access to the email you registered with. (You must be logged in to enable the password recovery, or you can contact us.)
What is the Advanced Search?
The advanced search can be accessed by registered members on their dashboard. It allows you to specify detailed preferences regarding your ideal caregiver including skill level, availability, services needed and much more.
What should a position listing include?
While there is no exact formula for describing care needs, we try to make it easy for both Careseekers and Caregivers by guiding our Careseekers through a straightforward, 3-step process to create a position listing. Each step contains some required information that really helps Caregivers to understand your situation. There are also optional pieces of information that don't apply to every situation but if available, you are encouraged to share as much as possible.
If I prefer searching on my own, why is posting a position listing so highly recommended?
Position listings happen to be the best way to attract the most active and interested caregivers in our community. The first thing most caregivers do when they join TheCaringSpace is check out the position listings in their area. Consider that some insider advice and let them find you!

For Caregivers:

As a caregiver, do I have to pay anything to join TheCaringSpace?
It is completely free to register as a basic caregiver on TheCaringSpace. If you decide to upgrade to Premium membership, you will be able to feature yourself in our search results for Careseekers.
What of my profile information is made public?
Your last name is never shared; you will be represented on your public Profile by your first name only. Similarly, your exact location will never be shared; it will only be as specific as your city & state. For your privacy, when you show up on the CareMap, your marker will indicate your general vicinity rather than your exact address.


Your quality enhancements, such as your skills test, background check, and reviews will be visible to the public and to registered Careseekers. Your contact information and the ability to message you will only be available to Premium Careseeker members.
How do I begin finding and applying for positions?
Every time you login to your account, you will go to your dashboard. The top of your dashboard features the most recently posted positions in your area. In addition, from your dashboard you can perform advanced searches or use the caremap to search for opportunities.

When you find a position you are interested in, you can click "APPLY" right at the top of the position listing and send a personal message to that Careseeker which will include a link to your profile. This is a great way to get noticed by Careseekers that may be a good match.
How do I save positions that I'm interested in, for easy reference?
At the top of each position profile, there is a button which reads "Maybe, save this one in my folder." Just click this button if you are interested in a position and want to easily reference it or apply to it later. The positions you save will be listed on your dashboard and available from the little folder in the left navigation of your dashboard.
What does a Premium Caregiver membership offer?
Premium Caregiver membership gives caregivers Featured Caregiver's status in search results for your area, highlighted presentation and top-tier ranking on careseeker's search results. Premium membership it will be easier for careseekers to find you and contact you about care jobs.
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How can I view my profile the way careseekers see it?
From the MY PROFILE box located in the upper right corner of your dashboard, click the "view public profile" link to see how your profile will appear from the search results for care seekers. This view shows you exactly how registered Careseekers see your profile. Any visitor can see your profile in free searches but they will not see your contact info, references or background check status.
How do I improve my Profile to attract care seekers?
Here are several tips:
  • Make sure your profile has a photo to help you stand out.
  • Add quality enhancements to your profile such as a free Skills Test assessment and Background Check
  • Request reviews from your past employers.
  • Mention your strengths. By expanding written portions of your profile with extra details, you are giving care seekers a better idea about who you are and your care style.
What can I do if I'm having trouble finding positions in my area?
To learn immediately when new positions are posted in your area, subscribe to daily email updates for your area. Do this by specifying your email preferences in 'My Account', located in the top-right corner of the log in panel. By default your searches return results within 30 miles of your location, but you can broaden your search by performing searches of nearby areas.

Be aware that care seekers are not required to post a position (job) listing of their care needs. If you do not find a job listings, this does not necessarily mean that there are no care jobs in your area. In fact, it may mean that care seekers in your area are looking for caregivers without posting their needs! You want to put your best face forward in your Profile for those care seekers.
How can I deactivate my account if I'm no longer available for new positions?
In the top-right corner of your dashboard there is a MY PROFILE box. Just click "deactivate profile" in this box to remove your profile from Careseeker searches.
Can I reactivate my account if I'm again available for new positions?
Yes. If you find yourself available for new opportunities in the future, you can reactivate your profile at any time. Simply login as you normally would and click "reactivate" in the MY PROFILE box located in the upper, right corner of your dashboard. You may want to update your profile with any new information or experience gained.
I'm under the age of 18, but I'm a qualified caregiver. Can I join TheCaringSpace?
Unfortunately, we can not allow anyone under 18 to join TheCaringSpace community. Please come back and join us when you are 18.

Background Checks:

How do background checks work?
Background checks are a key component of a well-rounded caregiver profile. Our background check process is designed to facilitate this exchange of information in the safest manner possible. Background checks are always initiated by Caregivers and performed by LexisNexis. For more information, review an article on exactly how background checks work and what they cover.
Who can see my background check once it's been run?
The contents of your background check will not be shared with visitors or members of For your convenience, we supply the message you received from LexisNexis on your logged-in view of your Profile (no one else sees this). TheCaringSpace acts as a third party to LexisNexis enabling you to securely submit your information and establish a responsible history without the need to disclose your personal information to the community at large. We take your privacy very seriously and we do not post the contents of your background check results anywhere. All sensitive information remains stored with LexisNexis and we simply access it to approve or review records as requested by you. We follow up-to-date, industry best-practices regarding the privacy and security of your information.


Once your background check is completed, your results will be summarized within your quality enhancements section of your profile. This information is available to both unregistered visitors to the site and registered careseekers.


For more information, please visit the ElderCare Library article, 'Everything You Need to Know About Background Checks on TheCaringSpace'
Why do some caregivers have background checks and some don't?
It is each caregiver's responsibility to add a background check to his or her profile. If the caregiver has taken the initiative to do so, the outcome will be noted on the public profile. If the caregiver has not run a background check, his or her profile will simply state that. We recommend to caregivers that they add one because it speaks to their integrity and trustworthiness. The lack of a background check can be a deal-breaker for many Careseekers. If you would like to consider a caregiver as a candidate but need a background check in order to feel comfortable, you can request with the caregiver via messaging to complete a report.
How much do background checks cost?
Thanks to our partnership with Lexis Nexis, background checks are just $14.99.
What do background checks cover?
A background check verifies personal identifying information (name, date of birth, and social security number) to establish a person's unique identity. It also checks this person's background in the National Criminal Database which includes state and county records, sex offender registries, Department of Corrections records, and court records.


If a caregiver's profile has a successful screening badge, that caregiver's identity has been verified based on the information provided in the profile and in that caregiver's background check request, and that the caregiver has no criminal records listed in the LexisNexis National Criminal Database, except the possibility of driving infractions. We have chosen not to include driving records as part of our criteria because driving skills may or may not be relevant to your situation.
What is NOT covered by a background checks?
TheCaringSpace does not include driving records in its evaluation of results due to the fact that driving skills are not pertinent to all care situations. If you will be needing driving services from your caregiver, we would suggest getting permission from the caregiver to screen their driving record (with a third party since TheCaringSpace does not currently include this service).

Please note that the database used is a powerful tool that searches a broad range of records from sources including state and county records, sex offender registries, Department of Corrections, and courts. The database may not include information on offenses committed since the last time any one of the database sources updated their records with Lexis Nexis. The results returned from this search will be a strong indicator and definitely a great first level of screening for any Careseeker but they are not guaranteed to catch all information in every caregiver's history. Careseekers should consider taking additional measures to investigate the responsible history of caregivers they wish to hire.
How long do background checks take?
Most background check results are added to your profile within 1 business day.

Please note: If your background check returns any results whatsoever, there are additional steps you may opt to take, as needed. You will receive specific information pertaining to these options along with your results. If you opt to have your records reviewed or disputed, these processes will of course take additional time.
My background check states incorrect or incomplete information. How can this be corrected?
You cannot resolve this directly on because we do not have authority over or the ability to modify any of the information found in your background check. If you believe that any of the information is inaccurate or incomplete, or if you have any other concerns about the information, you may contact LexisNexis Authentication & Screening at (800) 631-8777.
My background check includes a record from something completely irrelevant to my capacity as a caregiver. Is it still possible to obtain a successful screening badge?
Unfortunately if you have criminal records listed in the Lexis Nexis National Criminal Database we cannot evaluate your records on a case by case basis. Of course, if you believe any of the records to be false or inaccurate you can and should contact Lexis Nexis to resolve the inaccuracies.

The only exception would be if your report contained just one or more results that pertain to your driving record. If you have only driving infractions reported you may follow the instructions enclosed with your results to request a review by TheCaringSpace. Upon verification that your report contains only driving records, a staff member can update your profile with the successful screening badge and notify you of the positive update.

Beyond that, know that you can always choose to share your report and explanation with Careseekers if you believe these records have no bearing on your capacity as a Caregiver and you want to share this perspective with a Careseeker.

New Features on TheCaringSpace:

What are TheCaringSpace new features?
Here's a list:
  • Premium Careseeker Membership: This includes featured priority listing in careseeker's search results.
  • Premium Caregiver Membership: Membership: This includes access to unlimited messaging and communication with caregivers.
  • An Improved Look: This includes a simpler, cleaner layout of caregiver search results and sorting features to make browsing and contacting possible caregivers more efficient.
  • More Information about Caregiver Qualifications: This includes a caregiver Skills Test to help you identify knowledgeable and skilled candidates, and caregiver reviews, completed by individuals who previously received care from our caregivers. In addition, we continue to enable caregivers to run background checks and post results to their profiles.

Free Conference Call Assistant:

What is the Free Conference Call Assistant?
The Free Conference Call Assistant is a service accessible to Careseekers via their dashboard.

Oftentimes, several family members or loved ones are involved in the important decision of selecting the right caregiver. For this reason, TheCaringSpace provides you with free conference call service. You can set up interviews and other communication among several parties using your free, personal conference line.
Are there any extra fees associated with conference calls?
No, you have unlimited use of your conference line and there will be no bill or charges from TheCaringSpace for usage of this service.

Please Note: Normal charges may apply from your telephone or cellular phone plan for placing the call, including your normal charges for long distance calls, if applicable.
Do I need to make reservations when I would like to hold a conference call?
No. Each Careseeker receives their own unique conference line number so it is always available for you.
How do I set up a conference call?
From your dashboard, click on your "Free Conference Call Assistant" to obtain your personal conference line number and access code.

Decide on a date & time that works for everyone.

Share your conference line number & access code with all callers.

Simply, call in at the appropriate time and enjoy a productive call with everyone you need.

The CareMap:

What is The CareMap?
The CareMap is an interactive map that simply provides an additional way to view the search results available to you on When you perform a free search, you can click the "view as map" button at the top right of your results to switch to map view.
I found myself on the CareMap and my map marker looks like it might be a bit off. Why isn't it in the correct spot?
To protect the privacy of both Caregivers' locations and the location of positions that Careseekers post, each map marker is placed with a little bit of inaccuracy built in. Knowing a good approximation of location is really sufficient for the search purposes of either party so we have taken this extra precaution to protect the personal information of our users.


How do I update or change my billing information?
Your billing information is accessible from your "My Account" page which linked to in the top-right corner of every page when you are logged in. From this page, you can edit your contact info, password, and billing info.
What is a credit card security code?
The security code is the 3-digit code located on the back of your credit card.
Why is there a recurring charge for my Premium membership?
When a basic member upgrades to a Premium membership or an individual registers as an agency, they are simultaneously enrolled in a recurring automated bill cycle that charges on a schedule that corresponds to the type of membership chosen. You will be charged weekly, monthly, or annually until you cancel your subscription with us by reverting to a free basic membership or requesting complete removal from TheCaring Space.
Why is my credit card being declined?
The most likely reason for a failed billing attempt is a mismatch between your billing address, full name or the security code you provided, and the address, full name or security code on record for the credit card. Confirm that you have entered this information correctly, and try again. If your card has processed successfully in the past, your card may have expired. Again, please check your card info and ensure that it is valid and entered correctly on your My Account page.

If the problem continues, please contact your credit card company for additional information.


TheCaringSpace is great! How can I get more involved?
First, we're glad TheCaringSpace has been helpful to you and we are happy to have you in the community. There are a couple ways that you can give back to the community:

We would love to hear from you. Send us your story; How did TheCaringSpace help you? Send us your feedback too. What do you love about TheCaringSpace? What would you like to see and how could we improve?

Spread the Word! Our goal is to help Caregivers & Careseekers connect so keeping our community growing and thriving is a crucial. Tell your friends, family, students, colleagues, ... you get the idea. You can even find us on social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Ning. Become a fan or a friend of TheCaringSpace in the social networks you belong to and help get the word out about our community!
I represent a company or senior care organization. Can I partner with you?
Yes, we would love to hear from others who are doing great things in the caregiving community.

We like to pass good things onto our community and if we can offer something to yours, we like that too. Just send an email to to tell us a little bit about yourself and your organization.

Corporate Members:

Who qualifies for corporate membership?
Corporate Membership is intended for use by health organizations looking to add high quality, health care practitioners to their team and market themselves as a caregiving solution. The Caring Space was created to be a resource for families and individuals looking to hire private caregivers and professionals. We have created a special type of corporate membership because we understand that this site is also a powerful tool for businesses such as yours.
What is the introductory membership offer?
We are excited to offer half-price membership to any corporate member who registers before 3/3/11. That's just $1250 for an annual account, and $150/month for a month-to-month plan. If you choose the annual plan, you'll enjoy that discount all year long. Regular monthly rates will take affect in 2009 for members on the monthly plan.
What are the benefits of corporate membership?
In addition to all of the usual benefits for Careseekers, corporate members enjoy:

  1. Unlimited access to our entire network of caregivers, including contact info, background checks, and references.
  2. The ability to post an unlimited amount of position listings within a 100 mile radius of your office location.
  3. The ability to post a corporate profile, visible to CareSeekers..
  4. Advanced search tools and maps, conference call services, resources and helpful downloads.
  5. The fee of $300/month is substantially less than the other online recruitment services.