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Meet our team of expert professionals in the fields of senior care, senior care finance, senior care research, content development, web analytics, usability research and interaction design.

David Kennedy

David Kennedy (MSW, MHSA), President

President of Kennedy Care and founder of TheCaringSpace, David completed his undergraduate education at the age of 20 and immediately began working in the field of senior home care. Soon after he completed Master’s degrees in Social Work and Health Services Administration (The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor). As a home care agency owner since 2003, he has witnessed firsthand the financial strain placed on families in need of senior care services and the difficulty for them in locating caregivers appropriate to their particular needs—all while they juggled multiple work and family obligations. In response, David founded TheCaringSpace in 2008, an interactive tool and collection of resources geared to enabling families to easily locate and hire their ideal caregiver while significantly reducing costs.

Fun Facts: :: Grew up skating, wakeboarding & snowboarding
:: Loves History & Theology
:: Has 8 siblings and is 100% Irish
:: Graduated on 24th birthday w/ 2 Masters’ degrees
:: Is type 1 diabetic
Ben Fineman

Ben Fineman (MBA), Project Manager

Ben began his career in the Internet field with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Michigan in 2003. After graduation, Ben went to work for the non-profit research consortium Internet2 where he gained experience with advanced Internet technologies. During that time Ben used his evenings to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University and became the manager of Internet2’s national videoconferencing service. Ben was fortunate to grow up with four living grandparents, and seeing them age underscored the importance of trusted senior care. Ben brings his experience and expertise to TheCaringSpace as Project Manager, where he is excited to help advance both the service and the broader field of senior care.

Fun Facts: :: Loves being outdoors: hiking, biking, or sleeping in a tent
:: Plays four musical instruments and sings, on occasion
:: He and his wife are expecting their first baby girl October 1
Lauren Helwig

Lauren Helwig (MA),
User Experience Designer

Lauren joined TheCaringSpace in 2009 as a visual designer and now oversees special projects and strategic planning. Her background and loves: user experience design, interaction design and writing (degrees in literature). She is also talented in front-end development, visual design, branding, and print design and is an advocate of accessible design. Lauren lives in Ann Arbor with zero cats and 2 teenage drivers.

Fun Facts: :: Be still my heart: my kids; type & letter press; lyrical & brutal stories
:: Loves: pesto, swimming; hand-made book-making; the arts
:: Knees weaken over: 30’s Cuban graphic art; design
Eloise Anagnost

Eloise Anagnost (BS),
User Experience Specialist

Eloise studied art and design at Cleveland Institute of Art and has a degree in art education from Case Western Reserve University. She also has a background in graphic design specializing in print and recently earned a certificate in web technology from Washtenaw Community College with emphasis on user experience, SEO, and web marketing. She enjoys the challenges of developing functionality and content that is useful for both caregivers and careseekers and improving site architecture to make it more easily accessible.

Fun Facts: :: Shares her home with a house rabbit
:: Balances her time between working at the computer and wielding
stone age tools outside in her garden
:: Passionate about plants and landscape design
:: Plays classical guitar

Laura Messina, User Experience Specialist

Laura has studied many disciplines including photographic technology, user-centered design and, most recently, technology management at Eastern Michigan University. She focuses primarily on improving the usability of websites through exceptional design and is an outspoken user advocate.

Fun Facts: :: Loves collecting cameras and the latest gadgets
:: Learning how to play the ukulele
:: Has a dog named Kelly Clarkson (she didn’t name the dog)
:: Loves good cheese and olives
Sarah Bommarito

Sarah Bommarito (BA), Content and Customer Service Manager

Sarah graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) in May 2010 where she served as a resident advisor during most of her undergraduate career. She started as an intern at TheCaringSpace and now contributes to many of the site’s operations, including customer support and content development through writing and editing articles related to long term care. Her primary interest is working closely with all members to help them achieve the primary goals of either finding a job or helping families locate the perfect caregiver.

Fun Facts: :: Loves animals, especially her spirited beagle
:: Studies women’s literature from the 1600s to the early 1900s
:: Enjoys chamomile tea, photography, and leisurely walks

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