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The Care Community is your space for connecting with others concerned about senior care issues. The section features a Senior Care Blog authored by senior care experts, opportunities for you to pose questions to experts, and a forum for you to discuss particular issues involving senior care with others sharing your concerns.

Which of the following four criteria do you value most when hiring a caregiver?
  • Cost :
  • Reliability and integrity :
  • Education and experience :
  • References and background check results :
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Posted on Oct 12, 2010

by Mandi


Hi there. I’m Mandi, the new senior care advocate, writer & social media manager here at TheCaringSpace. I’ll be writing blogs, facilitating forums and actively networking in social media land. My job is to find out what’s important to you so that we can explore those issues together.

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New Topic Thread: Something all Cargivers should know before applying to an Agency

I disagree that it is better to work privately for $10 an hour.  How in the world can one afford to insure themselves at $10 an hour?  You should get at least $15 an hour.

Posted by Patti | May 02, 2011 01:12 | view thread comments | view all forums

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Featured Topic Thread: Client or loved one with dementia having difficulty swallowing pills?

Are you caring for a client or family member with dementia whose having trouble swallowing their pills? CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR OR PHARMACIST FIRST and see if the pills can be crushed and mixed with food so that they are easier to swallow. Remember, some medications should not be crushed.

Posted by Sekai | May 02, 2011 01:12 | view thread comments | view all forums

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